Anjuman Faizul Islam Rawalpindi is a reform-oriented registered social welfare and academic body of moderate and broad minded social workers from different walks of life. It has, since its inception in 1943 been playing a purposeful role in social, educational and economic progress of the society without indulging in political strifes, sectarian and regional prejudices and extremism.

  1. To establish Orphanages (Children Homes) named as "APNA GHARS/Darul Faiz."
  2. To establish Mosques, Schools and other institutions for Religious, Academic and Technical Education of the children including orphans inmates.
  3. To propagate Islam in its true sense in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah and to publish literature for this purpose.
  4. Try to eradicate social evils from the society and strive for the national unity and character building of the young generation.
  5. To remain absolutely Non Sectarian, Non Political and Non Governmental Social Welfare Organization.

The founders and pioneers of the Anjuman pursued a purposeful programme to achieve its aims by retrieving orphans and destitute children form the society and by helping them develop harmonious personality and rehabilitate themselves as useful citizens, practicing muslims, patriotic Pakistani and civilized human beings.They, for this purpose gradually developed its resources and expanded the scope and sphere of its activitesand ,accordingly established a number of multipurpose welfare centers in around Rawalpindi. These centers comprise hostels for orphans and destitute children,educational institutions, Quranic maktabs, technical institutes, libraries and medical and dental clinics. The faclities, provided in the welfare centers are availed of not only by one thousend inmates of the hostels but also by thousends of the day scholars from the respective surrounding areas. The Anjuman has also been playing its due role to promote Islamic values, national ideology, cultural tradition and social welfare and educational activites by purposeful programms.

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  • Head office: 0092-051-5772909, 0092-051-5532909
  • Faizabad Complex: 0092-051-4575688, 0092-051-4575888, Fax: 0092-051-4575690
  • Faiz-Ul-Islam Model School Faizabad: 0092-051-4575689
  • Faiz-Ul-Islam Technical Training Institute: 0092-051-4575650
  • New Campus Mandra : 0092-051-3591705
  • College for Boys Mandra : 0092-051-3592528
  • Institute Of Technology Mandra : 0092-051-3592529
  • Dobern Kalan : 0092-051-3573194
  • Pakka Khooh : 0092-051-3362008

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